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On day six of the competition, Sun was given the task of anchoring the team for the 4 × 200 metre freestyle relay . China barely slid into the final at eighth place, but many thought Sun would be a huge benefit to the team, as China were the previous bronze medalists in this event at the last World Championships. Going into the final leg, China was in fifth, over two seconds behind France and Japan. This difference in time meant it would take a huge leg to pass these teams for the bronze medal, but Sun was able to overtake both teams in the end with a time of 1:; this time was the second-fastest in history and seconds better than the other 31 swimmers, including Ryan Lochte and Yannick Agnel . [22] Even taking the relay exchange out of this time, it was still over a second faster than his flat start time of 1:.

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“It’s going to be another cold winter, but I think we’re going to heat things up when we get over there. I don’t mind. I got no excuses. I had to go to Brazil to win this damn thing. I’ll go anywhere else to defend it. That’s what kings do,” Holloway told KHON2. “Detroit is here for the taking, so I’m ready to sink my teeth over there. Two fights in a row, I get to fight former champions. I’ve been wanting to fight this guy for years and get one back for Hawaii. The opportunity is finally here. It’s for a golden belt. You know, you guys go ahead and go and think, believe whoever the next guy is going to be. Go figure that out, because I’m going to go out there, figure out Frankie, do my stuff, and let me know who the next guy is to beat me.”

Oliveiri - Figure - CelestOliveiri - Figure - CelestOliveiri - Figure - CelestOliveiri - Figure - Celest